The new guard

My shelves and beauty bag are looking decidedly empty, so it’s time to repopulate. Enter Jane Iredale, via Adore Beauty.

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I’ve been ordering my makeup from Adore Beauty for about a year now and I love being able to browse at my leisure, with no pressure from sales assistants (despite their good intentions!) and time constraints. Also shopping centres aren’t exactly conducive to mindfully choosing cosmetics, IMHO.

After a few days of thinking, I decided on the Glow Time BB cream, as well as the Disappear Full Coverage Concealer, Eye Pencil, PureLash Lengthening Mascara, Eye Shere and PureBrow Clear Brow Gel.

Reasons I love this brand: Skincare focused, mineral-based and Leaping Bunny certified. The packaging is simple and beautiful and each box explains that you can watch a tutorial on each product on the website. Too easy.

So I’m restocking my makeup with the intention of creating a beauty capsule wardrobe – just a few products to enhance my natural skin, eyes and brows. I’ve spent a lot of my years blackening my waterline, adding glitter and big colour to my face. It’s been great fun, but as time is no longer on my side in the mornings, I want to pare it down.


Look for the bunny! Too cute to miss.

What’s Leaping Bunny? Looking out for this cute little logo is an easy way to tell that the brand is cruelty-free compliant, as they must abide by a standard, implemented by a coalition of eight animal welfare bodies, as well as the European Coalition to End Animal Experiments.

Time to swatch ’em up! As you can see, the colours are nicely pigmented and offer pretty great coverage. I wish the concealer was a little thicker but that may go well when sitting on top of a good base – I usually prefer to dot concealer on my bare face and I love fairly thick coverage, as I am prone to angry red cystic zits, as well as dark undereye circles. However I am very sold on its willow and green tea extracts. I have been using Tarte’s Maracuja Creaseless Concealer, as well as Kat Von D’s Lock It. Tarte is definitely the thickest and best match to my skin tone. I may switch it up.

I hardly wear foundation or BB cream anymore, mostly because I am lazy, but also because I hate getting foundation smudges on my clothes and glasses. I’m a simple creature. I think I’ll still stick to this principle but on special occasions, I’ll give this a red-hot go. The coverage looks good too.

I used to be a huge fan of a big, thick, black line on my eyes – either winged or not winged because I’d messed it up. Now I love a bit of a smudge on my top waterline if I want some glamour.

Mascara is an everyday product for me and not really negotiable. Never really been one for volume, I’ve preferred length as the tips of my lashes are very blonde.

The clear brow gel (obviously I can’t really swatch this) is perfect, because after getting my brows fixed by Delphine at Kristin Fisher Eyebrows, all they need is a little hold and they’re good to go.

I’ll use the Shere for days when I need to be a little extra. I had been using Benefit’s Hoola on my eyes for a bit of depth, but that’s long gone now.

Now it’s time to find a good multi-tasking eye, lip and cheek colour – something berry or warm.

As a former fan of Nars Orgasm (sob) I’m pretty interested in trying something completely different. The Make Beauty pots look fun.

Have you tried Jane Iredale or even Make’s pots? Let me know!

AL x


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