How do you mask?

One of my very favourite things to do at the end of a long day (or on a rostered day off) is get clean and then mask up my face.


Actually me.

I’ve used and loved many a mask in my time, starting from those $3 packets at Priceline (which I swear are made from glue and food colouring) to a little more sophisticated.

I used to hardcore mask my face when I had particularly bad skin, going in with super-exfoliating formulas which I was certain could only help, but I’ve since learnt that I was, literally, going too hardcore and freaking out my face … making it too squeaky-clean, confusing the hell out of it by doing too good a job exfoliating and depleting it of natural oils. Without the proper education, I was bombing my poor, stressed face with alpha-hydroxy acid at least three times a week and much longer than the recommended time. Then there was the bentonite clay mixed with apple cider vinegar which again, I think was probably too harsh for me. Pore strips … bicarb and water … drugstore formulas … I could go on all night. You name it, I tried it. I thought it was all part of my relaxing routine and the  angry, sore little bumps were still appearing on my jawline and I couldn’t work out why.

And then there was the infamous black peel-off mask that everybody was doing. Well … at least it did some dermaplaning for me, I guess? With a side of extreme pain.

Now I’ve detoxed my skincare regime and do a mask once a week with something gentle and soothing. I now have Tata Harper’s lauded Resurfacing Mask, which smells so yummy! It goes on as a pretty pink jelly and dries nicely, not at all like glue. I’m also just about to try Black Robin Mallow Out Soothing Clay Masque, which also smells beautiful. Along with a beautiful little mask dish from Eve Organics and a Leahlani mask brush, I think I might FINALLY have my perfect set-up.

Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 9.31.12 pm


My Sunday night just got a lot more exciting!

Then I make some tea (my favourite is raspberry leaf or Twinings Digest), pop on some trash, usually The Bachelor catch-up, or check out something more virtuous like a Suzannah Lipscombe doco, wash it off, tone and moisturise and add a little facial oil if I need some moisture.

So tell me. Do you have a masking routine? What do you do? And super importantly, what do you watch while you wait for it to dry? I do all my chores first so I can actually take a good amount of time and chill out!

AL x


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