Wish listing aka #treatyoself

Everyone has a wish list. The nice little treats you dream about when you’re in need of a pick-me-up and coffee won’t quite cut it. Maybe you’ve had a particularly yuck day. That’s when wish lists, also known to me as TREAT YO SELF, come in handy.

The fun thing about going cruelty-free and using vegan products (where I can, but cruelty-free is the main game here) means I’m discovering a whole new world of lovely products that are actually not terrible for me/the environment/animals.

Here’s what I’m currently keen on …

weleda penWeleda Cuticle Softener Pen

I do not know what I’ve done to my thumbnails to make them so ridged, but I suspect it has to do with my anxious cuticle-picking habit. I’ve never had fake nails, acrylics or even shellac on my fingernails so this (slight) issue is confusing. Maybe this would work, along with my zinc supplements.

wishlistnails2wishlistnails1Jinsoon Nail Lacquer in Nostalgia and Doux 

They’re pretty, the end! Five-free and lovely colours. I love a beautiful, nude-y coat of polish on my nails. At the moment my absolute favourite is Floss Gloss Lipliner. It looks like my favourite lipstick of the moment, Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk! Truly pretty.


Ouai shampoo and conditioner

With a thick, full and fairly independent mane I’ve never worried taking that much care of my hair. I don’t brush, blowdry or straighten it because (a) no point and (b) time spent. In truth that’s my mum’s bugbear – I HATE brushing my hair. It makes the frizz go nuts! So it’s wash ‘n go every few days and pretty self-sufficient. My hair doesn’t usually do what I want it to but that seems to work for me? Pretty French I guess. Or maybe I’m just getting a bit older and less worried about it. But I’ve found the Ouai Rose Hair and Body Oil makes it sit better and – added bonus – is less itchy at the end of the day than when I’ve used other products. Result! Also, no nasty bits like sulfates and parabens.

wishlistlipmaskSara Happ Sweet Clay Lip Mask

As I said on Instagram, wahh! I don’t know how to get this to Australia without paying exorbitant shipping fees.

Wildcard: A vegan, cruelty-free perfume based on rose absolute and sandalwood. Know of one? Let me know!

What’s on your TREAT YO SELF wish list?

AL x


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