Laundry day

washing machine

Splish splash.

Am I a weirdo? But I just love doing laundry. Not so much hanging it out (if it’s cool and breezy) but a beautiful warm and sunny day out at the line is a perfect way to get some sun and be outdoors. And then folding clothes and watching a little telly is such a nice way to zone out.

But one of my favourite things to do – and I do think it’s part of self-care – is washing my lingerie.

I only figured out how to take great care of my bras and undies when my mother-in-law was horrified to see I’d been throwing them in the washing machine with the rest of my clothes. She suggested washing them separately in a sink or basin instead to prolong their life. I was wondering why I’d been getting so many pulls in my other clothes. Bra hooks!

Now, filling up a basin with warm water and fragrant, hypoallergenic, cruelty-free laundry liquid and lovingly washing my smalls is such a pleasure to do. Also, less waste! Less water usage, less wrecked clothes and lingerie. Fabulous.

So what am I using to stay green? The Laundress’ Delicate Wash for a weekly bra wash. If you don’t sweat much there is simply no need to wash your bra more often. And there’s a Delicate Spray to freshen them up, as needed. Lovely and so nice on the skin! It’s awful when a detergent makes you want to rip your skin off.

Screen Shot 2017-09-09 at 9.01.07 pm

Making laundry fun.

Another recent discovery is Bosisto’s Allergen Laundry Liquid. I love to wash my towels and sheets with this, it smells so fresh. Throw a little vinegar and bicarb in, and they’re beautifully-scented, soft and clean. No need for a hot wash that way. Then straight out into the sun for its antibacterial properties.

For a normal, family-sized load, I love Ecostore’s laundry liquid. And straight out to the line, no tumble drying if I can help it. Have a little read of this Guardian article about the impact of doing laundry on carbon emissions.

Do you do anything special with your laundry?

AL x


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