I really love beautiful bottles, interesting textures and beautiful scents. So it’s pretty lucky that one of the best ways to treat your skin and hair is in the form of oil, which is often housed in the nicest bottles, with a gorgeous, viscous texture and often smelling heavenly!


Oily goodness.

So what do I use them for? Well everything, really.

Jojoba oil by The Jojoba Company is good for moisturising dry patches and removing stubborn marks. I use it to melt really hardcore eye makeup. Technically not an oil, but a wax, its composition is also the most similar to sebum which makes it ideal for topical use. It also doesn’t go rotten easily, making it an ride-or-die cupboard staple. It feels lovely on the skin and not too slippery or greasy. It dries down quickly with a nearly scentless finish and leaves skin and hair feeling well-moisturised. Jojoba oil was used by native American tribes for skin and haircare, as well as wound treatment. I once read that when the British made contact with native American tribes, they were surprised to see how beautiful the womens’ skin was. Jojoba!

It’s also fun to say.


Pretty jojoba berries.

OUAI Rose Hair and Body Oil is a fast-absorbing product that I use after shaving my legs and on the dry ends of my hair. Smells great and works pretty nicely. Don’t put too much in your hair though, unless you want to look greasy.

Thursday Plantation lavender oil is one I use for anything and everything. I make DIY household cleaners, put it in the bath, use it on cuts and pimples, sprinkle it on linen and rub it on the temples of headachy family members (and me, obv). Lavender oil is antiseptic and a great calming oil. Before bed I drink lavender tea, but made from buds – not oil! Essential oils are rarely recommended or even safe to ingest. Best to get it in dried tea form and go from there.

Fur Oil. Chances are you’ve seen this on Instagram.  It is, indeed, an oil for your pubic area. It contains tea tree, clary sage and grape and jojoba seed oils to keep anywhere you grow hair nice and soft and it prevents ingrown hairs. What’s not to like? Extra points for celeb factor – Emma Watson swears by it. Smells like lemons.

Bio Sculpture Cuticle Oil once again, jojoba, plus almond, avocado and vitamin e. Hopefully will help restore my nails back to health. Also smells lovely. I like the brush applicator. Dries down nicely, not too greasy. Perfect just before bed.

Anine Bing Savage Rose perfume oil I am not sure about the composition of this perfume oil, but its scent is just beautiful. A really complex rose fragrance, sweet but also a little bit dark and sultry. Really unusual! I’ve asked Anine Bing about its cruelty-free status. Fingers crossed it’s aok ✌️

BONUS ROUND! Coconut oil. Yes, it’s everywhere. Yes, you’ve heard about it ad nauseam. But it has multiple benefits. I use it to make vegetable soups, I rub it into my hands after working in the kitchen and will use it to dislodge really tough eye makeup. I even used it in the bath as a DIY face mask – pure coconut oil massaged onto my face. And I sat in the bath and sweated it out and waited for the coconut oil to melt. Heavenly. Yes, there was a big chance it could have resulted in zits but this time it didn’t. But it did fix a few dry patches and plumped up sore, tired, sad winter skin in a matter of 30 minutes.

So, how do you use oils?
AL x


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