My week in Thinx

My mum taught me the value of “make do and mend”.

It’s a shame it took me so long to understand the brilliant logic of it.

A clever shopper and budgeter, Mum buys good quality products every few years and when they’re a bit tired or need a bit of help, she fixes rather than buying unnecessarily buying new stuff. Heels, bags, coats, jumpers, boots. Why throw out a beautiful, classic, quality product if it just needs to be resoled or have a couple of buttons sewn on?

I’m now in my late 20s and have spent too many years and far too much money on disposable fashion and accessories. That includes underwear. Money spent on flimsy, poorly-made sweatshop items that, eventually, were relegated to my period collection (everyone has one and if they say they don’t, they’re lyin’).

I’m done with wastage.

So after a few months of seeing Thinx on social media, I decided to buy a cycle set of three pairs to get me through a few days. I picked the high-waist, boyshort and hiphugger in black … JUST IN CASE THEY DIDN’T WORK. Thinx say these each can hold up to two tampons’ worth. I put them to the test.

Here’s what happened.


I Thinx these are fab.

I did a lot of washing. Having three pairs of undies on high rotation meant a lot of washing. Luckily it was a case of rinse, wash, dry and wear. Thinx take a really long time to dry – obviously – because they are made of stronger stuff than just thin cotton. The hygiene obsessive in me meant I hung them on anything that was in full sun, because there’s no better antiseptic, really. I was a little concerned that they could smell, due to the nature of what they do (ie, collect blood) but it seemed fine.

They didn’t leak. No, really. They didn’t leak. Everything else usually does. Win! I felt confident. Not sure I’d wear white, but I felt dry and happy.

My body reacted differently. I didn’t get extra cramping. Unfortunately the pain was still as bad as ever (I get terrible cramping that leaves me horizontal and dry heaving and sometimes vomiting during my curse week) but not having tampons to exacerbate the problem (and they do) made a world of difference. I can’t help but feel like my body was able to do its own thing in its own time. Thinx felt like my body was able to do its thing … but gently. That can only be a good thing, right?

I know I’m saving money and helping the environment. A cycle set cost me about $100 neat. A basin of cold water doesn’t cost a lot of money. Air and sun drying costs nothing. I would typically spend about $15 all up on feminine products each month, costing me about $180 annually. There is no rubbish to dispose of and no wastage of any kind. I recycled the packaging! These are all pluses.

They were super comfy. The sizing was good and didn’t punish my poor bloated belly. For super puffy days, I chose the high-waisted panties, which were soft and didn’t feel like a girdle.

In short, yes I’d recommend them. Or at least say, give them a go.

FYI I bought these myself and Thinx have no idea I’m writing this. I was 100 per cent ready to admit they were a failure in the case that they just didn’t work for me, but they did work for me and my body. I like!



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