O(dour) Naturale

One of the most obvious ways to go clean and cruelty-free (sorry, buzzwords) is switching deodorant.

While there aren’t any conclusive claims that deodorant = cancer etc, I still wasn’t happy with using something that I knew was tested on animals (looking at you Dove and Nivea) and was full of chemicals. The armpit is full of lymph nodes so I didn’t feel comfortable knowing that parabens, triclosan, aluminium and other bits were lurking in my (not-very-effective) $3 stick from the supermarket.

New-ish research also suggests that aluminium deodorants can kill off healthy bacteria living in your armpit that actually keep your body in check.

(Related: how gross is the word armpit?)

Anyway, it was just down to personal choice and I wanted to try something I knew was made out of less scary stuff.

First, I switched to Agent Nateur & Shiva Rose Holi Rose, which was gorgeous and effective but a little expensive for a month’s worth of deodorant. But again I must stress it worked really well! I’d love to use it again and I am sure I will.

agent nateur

Courtesy: Agent Nateur.

However what I hadn’t researched correctly was the transition period. Thanks to Into The Gloss here for a really great article I wish I’d read first!

I had been using big brand deodorant for about 15 years so was not prepared for what happened in the next three or so weeks, as my body got used to not being glued up with chemicals.

TL;DR: You will sweat heaps and it will smell if you don’t bring your deo with you! But I didn’t cave and go back to cheap roll-on because the end game was to detox myself from mass-produced deodorant. I took Weleda’s wild rose spray deodorant to top it up during the day. It smells gorgeous but I found didn’t work very effectively for me as an all day deodorant. Especially if you live somewhere quite warm.

I then went to Lavanila which smells great and works pretty well, but in the end I found that Noosa Basics worked the best for me. Warning though! Having a baking soda base, you can give yourself a gnarly burn if you use too much. A little will be just fine. It melts beautifully into the skin and I found it super moisturising. It also pays to wait a good few minutes before dressing so it can dry. Every time I try to put on my favourite black shirt I manage to give it a good swipe with deo first 😦 rendering it unwearable in the rush to get to work. Patting it off with a damp cloth or towel won’t cut it either. Throw that shirt in the laundry. BUT it’s still worth it!

Now I’ve discovered that Lavanila has designed an armpit detox mask to help ease the transition and honestly I wish I’d waited but part of me still really wants to try it, despite there being literally no point in me doing it now! It has a cool built-in mask brush and it’s made with charcoal, which I’m totally obsessed with. Should I do it anyway?! For fun?


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