Skin bore! Feat. turmeric

Yes, I am a skin bore. I am a true obsessive about supplements, vitamins, superfoods! I’ll read anything about the correlation between probiotics and foods and good skin.

But my ride or die is turmeric. Today I’d love to share with you a mask that I discovered online. It was shared by Michelle Ranavat, who owns a natural skincare line.

So … without further ado … my new favourite DIY mask!

turmeric mask

Natural skin treat.

You’ll need

1 teaspoon turmeric

1 tablespoon honey

Few drops of lemon juice


Then mix it up into a fine, beautiful and fragrant paste and leave it on your skin for 10-15 minutes.

I left it on while doing housework and it still felt expensive and luxurious. Well, it’s basically liquid gold. Turmeric is full of good bits, it’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Honey is antibac and soothing. Lemon brightens and disinfects but it’s a powerful astringent so I’d never put it directly on my skin, or at least without diluting it.

Be careful – turmeric stains everything! I take no responsibility for any yellow skin/fabric/hair/furniture that may result from trying this beautiful treatment BUT I will take credit for your new glow.

It can leave pale gals a little yellow but I then gently scrubbed with a damp washcloth and some coconut oil. I genuinely felt like I’d had a spa treatment. All while doing the hoovering!

It even took the pain out of a very slowly healing wound on my cheek, caused by cystic acne. And helped it form the protective barrier I’d been waiting for my skin to do by itself … clearly needed some help!

I’ll be doing this in the lead-up to the festive season, when I want my skin to look its best. Apparently you can do it twice each week. It seems to be based on the Indian haldi mask, which is what those beautiful, glowing brides use before their ceremonies. A more traditional mask could include sandalwood (although, now sadly unsustainable) and flour, almond oil, milk or rosewater.

Related – I think Indian brides are the most beautiful creatures! Flowers! Dancing! Beauty treatments! More colour, I say, is a good thing.


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